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Unplug your laptop before going to bed | Open refrigerator/ freezer doors only when necessary | Ensure that fridge door seals are intact | Switch off the fridge when it is empty or when going on holiday | Do not overstock your fridge – it blocks air flow | Switch an iron off once it has reached the correct temperature and complete the ironing on stored energy | Use distilled water in steam irons | Do not leave the iron on if you are not using it at that time | Iron low temperature fabrics first to reduce warm-up time. | Only boil the amount of water that you need | Keep your kettle’s element clean of chlorine build up, by boiling vinegar diluted in water atleast once a month | Use a flask to keep your water hot | Don’t use a stove to light a cigarette | Never use the stove or hot plate as heaters | Ensure that your thermostat is set to no more than 55 Degrees Celsius | Wrapping your geyser in an insulating blanket can cut power consumption by half | Oil filled heaters are the safest | Run the machine only when there is a full load | Do not over-wash clothes | Locate your washing machine as close to the water tank as possible. The shorter distance, the less amount of heat loss in the pipes

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