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Always remember to switch off your television set on the TV itself and NOT on the remote | Do not leave your cell phone charger in the circuit if not in use | Unplug your laptop before going to bed | Switch off the fridge when it is empty or when going on holiday | Leave space between items on shelves, this allows cool air to circulate more easily | Keep freezers frost free will save you power and money | Do not overstock your fridge – it blocks air flow | Do not leave the iron on if you are not using it at that time | Use a flask to keep your water hot | Never use the stove or hot plate as heaters | A geyser accounts for up to 40% of your electricity bill | Wrapping your geyser in an insulating blanket can cut power consumption by half | Electric heaters that are controlled by thermostats are more energy efficient | Oil filled heaters are the safest | Only heat rooms that are occupied | Use cold water supply | Run the machine only when there is a full load | Do not over-wash clothes | Use the proper setting for the type of clothes you’re washing | If they are delicate or knit, use the setting offered rather than the “regular” setting. This will use less energy and the clothes will last longer

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